I try…

to be the best person I can be.  I’m definitely not perfect and never claim to be, but I love my family and friends with all my heart and would do anything to protect them.  I try to do good things for my community.  I try to be a good friend and I am blessed to have good friends.  As I get older I realize that being kind is way more important than being right. 


Damn, I’m Late…

Aaaand I have already typed a late post! I’m not quite into the groove, but I will get there!

Day 2 – I am thankful for the best puppy dog in the world!  Mr. Bentley is a ray of sunshine every single day! My world became a better place the day he came into it!

Thankful! Day One

On this first day of my own personal “Thanksgiving” I am thankful for the most wonderful parents a girl could ask for. They are warm, funny, supportive, reasonable, kind, and just all-around fantastic people!  I hit the parent lottery when I got those two!  Thanks, MOM & DAD!!